Election Day – Texas Stays Red

Depending on one’s perspective – or maybe your party — you were either surprised or not about election day results in Texas.   After gains in 2018, Democrats raised and spent extraordinary sums of money to turn Texas blue, but it didn’t happen this cycle. Here’s a brief summary:

  • President Trump held Texas by a little more than 600,000 votes, a margin of 52%-46%.
  • All statewide elected offices remain in Republican hands.  Most of those races will be on the ballot in 2022
  • The Texas Senate remains a GOP majority, 18-13, with a Democrat beating a Republican incumbent in SD 19 to narrow the margin by 1 seat.  There were 8 other Republican Senate incumbents on the ballot; all won re-election handily
  • Most Republicans fended off well-funded Texas House challenges and will retain the majority in that body, roughly 83-67, ensuring a GOP House Speaker
  • U.S. Senator John Cornyn won re-election by 1.1 million votes (in fact 65,000 more votes than Pres. Trump received), 54%-44%
  • The composition of the Texas U.S. House delegation was unchanged, a 23-13 Republican majority.  Democrats failed to flip any U.S. House seats held by the GOP and considered competitive (10), but did hold 2 seats they flipped from the GOP in 2018
  • In terms of demographics, it’s interesting to note that President Trump WON 2 south Texas (large majority Hispanic) counties that have never been won by a GOP presidential candidate and gained as many as 25 points from his 2016 performance in other Valley counties, significant of course because Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in Texas and the U.S. and will be critical in state and national politics going forward

I can’t find solid numbers (yet) on this but my estimate is that Democrats spent at least $ 100 million dollars in Texas this cycle, up from the estimated $ 80 million in 2018.

Questions or comments?  Please be in touch. Stay safe.


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