Monthly Archives: January 2016

First let me wish everyone a safe, joyful, and prosperous new year.

In case you missed it, 2016 will include several milestones.

To name a few… 2016 is a leap year (yes, there will be a February 29); it’s the Chinese Year of the Monkey – a ‘clever’ animal if you believe the hype  – starting Feb. 8; it’s the 16th year of the 3rd millennium, the 2016th Year of the Common Era, a transit of Mercury will occur (in May); and in March the ESA (Europe) and Roscosmos (Russia) plan to launch the joint ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter on a mission to Mars, presumably looking for Matt Damon.

Perhaps most significantly, the year 2016 marks the 20th full year in business for Quorum Public Affairs, Inc.

We Know Texas from top to bottom, having spent 30 years in and around the Texas public sector including work for 2 Texas Governors.  When we started, we were ‘first in’ the new world of engaging grassroots citizens and opinion leaders to influence state and federal policy in the state.

Today, Quorum continues to operate at the intersection of business, communications, and government in Texas; we build strategic relationships with public officials, influencers, business leaders and voter groups for companies doing business in Texas.  And 30 years gets you great relationships; our network is second to none.  It’s also true that for the last 20 years we’ve advocated, built coalitions and solved policy and regulatory challenges for companies and issue coalitions large and small, including venerable brands like:



Advantage Capital Partners


Conoco Phillips





Grant Thornton

LIN Media

McLane Co.




State Farm

Smith’s Group

Top Golf



We stay closely connected to the business, economic development, and venture capital sectors via the Texas First Alliance that we manage and Governor Abbott’s Texas One Foundation.

We’re helping companies re-locate or expand in Texas market with financial incentives and facilitating business alliances to aid their growth. In fact, two California-based companies for which we’ve helped develop relationships are on the way in 2016. Oracle, Apple, Chevron, Google, GM Financial, and others made significant investments in major Texas markets. Texas is investing in the companies, too, through the state’s Texas Enterprise Fund and other incentives.  Companies like LIN Media and Top Golf re-located their corporate headquarters to Austin and Dallas respectively.

In 2016, our interim legislative committees will be looking at issues across the board, with emphasis on a tax and regulatory environment that supports Texas’ competitive economic advantage in culture and cost; it’s a growth agenda and Texas continues to be a destination state.

Speaking of numbers, if you’re a numerologist you know that nine is a finishing number, and may represent the beginning or the end of a cycle.   It also is the number of the humanitarian which we’re adding to the ‘to do’ list.

Our plan is begin another 20 years of doing what we do best: helping companies navigate political, legislative, and regulatory challenges, build alliances and carry the right message to the right audience.

Here’s a great old tune to remember us by:

Don’t hesitate to reach out anytime if we can be a resource.

All best wishes in the new year and I look forward to staying in touch.


Craig Casselberry

(512) 762-7366